Rock songs to dedicate to that person, and in Spanish!

This is the soundtrack of all the relationships you’ve had in life, the rock songs to dedicate to those people who are or were by your side, but in your language!

When we talk about rock, hundreds of songs come to mind that serve to turn up the volume, sing at full voice and well, to fall in love. Although sometimes we do not pay much attention to its lyrics, rock is a genre with stories that, in addition to being very nice, can be used to dedicate at very specific moments.

Top 10 of the best rock songs in Spanish to dedicate

Rock in Spanish marked the adolescence and youth of many of us and is a genre that is no stranger to love, much less heartbreak. if you have wondered what rock song can I dedicate to itHere you will find the best options.

10. Without documents of the Rodriguez

We start this top on the top, with one of the best love rock songs in spanishwhen you can’t be with that being, but you still love him and refuse to let go…

9. Lover womanfrom White Rat

The desire that the body of the loved one can awaken in us produces pieces like these…

8. Bolivian Lamentfrom Green Dwarfs

This song, literally, is the one we play every time that person we can’t forget comes back to our memory. I mean, always.

7. Telltale HeartSoda Stereo

ANDIt is inspired by a story by Edgar Allan Poe, and reflects the moment when the feelings you have for someone else become evident and your heart gives you away when you are dying of love.

6. gypsyfrom the Fabulous Cadillacs

The rhythm of this song may sound somewhat handsome, but don’t get confused, it speaks of a passionate heartbreak, perfect for him. despues de spite.

5. don’t letof Jaguars

When the relationship is not at its best, but there is still love…

Four. a minute away from youby Duncan Dhu

Ready, it’s over, it’s all over, however, you know that the story is not over yet, it’s just a matter of patience.

3. Evil onefrom Aterciopelados a jewel in the top of rock songs to dedicate to someone

All of us have had a toxic relationship, one of those that permeates our soul and you can’t (nor do you want to) walk away. A perfect composition of romantic spanish rock lyrics

two. treat me gentlyby Soda Stereo

All relationships reach a point where, no matter how much love there is, living together becomes really difficult, and it suffocates us.

1. language of my skinfrom Kraken

Didn’t someone make love with this song in the background? Or who has not cried buckets with her? Who is not crying right now?

We know you like the romantic rock in spanish. What other rock song in spanish to dedicate would you add to this top? Remember that no matter what the soundtrack of your love life is right now, music can say a lot for us.

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