Robbie Williams celebrates his birthday… In a ball!

If you like Robbie Williams, you have to see these very risqué photos… Daddy!

This British singer, with masculine facial features and incredibly sensual gestures, is one of the most admired by women in the world, and not only for his talent! Do you remember what he looked like when he was a member of the 90s boy group Take That (the English New Kids on the Block)?

Well, the little boy grew up, becoming a soloist and making us sigh not only musically, but also for the blessed knack of showing up nakedsometimes to the point of being, literally, in the bones.

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Robbie Williams got married, had kids, and instead of letting go of that habit, he does it more often! even with the complicity of his wife…

And keep going! Look at the photos he has recently shared on his social networks… He left nothing to the imagination!

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Do you like Robbie Williams? Do you think he’s still holding on? Write what you think in the comments of this note, and share it today, which is the 43rd birthday of this artist! Your friends will love to see it in the ball…