Ripped jeans, a trend that does not go out of style

If you have a torn jean and you plan to throw it away, don’t do it, read this article first and give it a second chance, maybe you can put it to good use.

Ripped jeans have been very present in fashion collections for several seasons. There are models of ripped jeans for all styles and bodies. You just have to choose the one that suits you the most. Ripped jeans are ideal for an informal and casual look.

We do not recommend them for dress looks, but for a party (if you combine it with the right clothes and accessories). Ripped jeans are perfect for creating different on-trend looks.

Ripped jeans are so trendy that it’s rare that you don’t already have a model in your closet. There are jeans for all tastes and bodies. Remember that you should always choose a model that suits you and suits your type of silhouette. There are jeans: Ankle-length, culottes, flared, high-waisted, tight, skinny, straight, mom, boyfriend… You can choose any of these models, but they must always have some kind of ripped.

Ripped jeans are perfect for creating a casual look. Avoid this type of jeans for a dressy look. For a night out, you can opt for ripped jeans and combine them with a lingerie top, a blazer and heels. These jeans can be worn with countless tops and with all kinds of shoes: sports shoes, sneakers, pumps, high-heeled shoes, ballerinas, moccasins

Jeans with rolled-up hems are still a trend, but now jeans with ripped or frayed hems are trending. It can be a tight model or culotte style and must have some rips on the pants and the hem must also be ripped or frayed. Bet on combining these jeans with a maxi shirt and ankle boots.

Another trending style this season is jeans with exaggerated or large rips. These jeans have very large rips and usually in the knee area. You have to be very careful with this style of jeans, as you run the risk of making the look look sloppy. For this not to happen, bet on jeans with patches (they are very fashionable) and you combine them with a party top.

Boyfriend or mom jeans are super comfortable and ideal for wearing a very fashionable and relaxed look. These models also come with strategically placed rips. You should combine them with oversize or wide tops, such as an XXL sweater or a maxi shirt. To finish off the styling add some sneakers or lace up ballerinas.

Skinny or skinny jeans with rips are the model that is most seen in fashion collections. It has become a classic and a must have. These jeans should be totally skinny (and you have them in different types of denim). The rips should go all over the pants or just in the knee area. You can combine them with all kinds of shoes and tops. They are an ideal joker for almost any occasion.

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