Rihanna canceled her ‘baby shower’ because of her partner

Singer Rihanna canceled her ‘baby shower’ last weekend, because his partner was arrested in the city of Los Angeles.

The party that had been planned a few days ago was marred by the arrest of ASAP Rocky couple and father of the child that the beautiful Rihanna is expecting.

Rihanna has had to endure several situations because of her partnerHowever, close sources say that she is very calm.

Why did Rihanna cancel her ‘baby shower’?

It all happened when the couple returned from their vacation in Barbados amid rumors of possible infidelity on the part of ASAP Rocky.

man was accused of being unfaithful to Rihanna with the designer of her brand shoes ‘fenty’something that the same woman had to deny.

Furthermore, according to the authorities, ASAP Rocky participated last November in a shooting that ended with a man injured.

The victim said that the rapper in the company of two men more took out a pistol, fired several shots and was hit by one of his hands.

Finally, it is said that the rapper had to pay more than half a million dollars for his bail.

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