Ricky Martin’s relationship in crisis because of… Maluma?

Some media outlets say that the couple between Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef is going through its worst crisis and has worsened since the Puerto Rican spent time recording the song «Vente Pa’Ca» with paisa Maluma.

Recall that Ricky Martin began a love relationship with Jwan Yosef at the beginning of 2016. Everything was love and peace until it occurred to him to do a duet with the Colombian of the moment: Maluma. That’s where the problems started. The song Come Pa ‘Ca it became a real hit but brought many complications.

Although the video clip does not show any compromising situation between the musicians, Ricky’s boyfriend suspects that something happened there. Since he shared a photo on his Instagram account with the interpreter of Borro Casette, Yosef exploded in jealousy and let his boyfriend know.

There is no proof of romance but the rumors are. Those close to the singer’s partner disclosed that he is completely in love and that just thinking that the relationship can end, he plunges into deep sadness.

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To pass the bad time, both chose to go on a trip to Moscow, to meet again with the musician’s children in London days later.

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Taken from TNCom