Ricky Martin’s children didn’t know he was famous

The children of the Puerto Rican singer never imagined that their father was the famous «Ricky Martin», as he himself recalled in an interview prior to his new show in Las Vegas.

Ricky Martinwho just got engaged to the artist from Jwan Yosefrecalled with great tenderness the moment when their little Matteo and Valentino realized who their father really was outside the home.

Ricky has a close relationship with his 8-year-old twins, Matteo and Valentinewhich he had through a surrogacy.

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The little boys, who cause a sensation when they appear on the networks, have grown quite a bit and have already realized that their father does not have a conventional job or is an ordinary person.

“They are always with me (…) always traveling and on the road with me, but I always keep them behind the scenes”Martin explained to the magazine about the delicate balance he maintains between his precious family and professional obligations.

“Their perception of my work was always to see me singing from the side, but they had never seen who”I observe.

“One day, when I thought they were old enough, I told them: ‘Go to the front of the theater’ and see’ “he continued. “When the show was over they came up to me and said, ‘Daddy, you’re Ricky Martin!’ “. And I answered them: ‘I’m not Ricky Martin, I’m his father’ «he related excitedly.

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“’No, no, no, you’re Ricky Martin’, so things changed”he added.

In the interview, he also revealed that the little ones have become his best critics and he is not afraid to judge their performances.

«They do not know the level of criticism I receive from my children»said the singer. “Wow! It’s the most brutal and honest thing an 8-year-old can say to you. They tell me: ‘Daddy, I don’t like that movement’ ‘Daddy, that song, you have to change it’”he explained amused. “And they have good points. I tell them, ‘Son, that’s something I’m going to consider.’”.

Martin acknowledged that the stress level will increase as he begins his four months of performing at the Monte Carlo Casino Las Vegas from April 5.


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«I’m not stressed at all»assured about his new project. «By the last week of March, we’ll all be losing our hair and scratching the walls, but that’s the way it has to be because we’re all hooked.».

Martin44, admitted that he was a «workaholic». “Now they are a recovering workaholic”confessed jokingly. «I’m working in it. I’ve worked a lot on myself and I’m not in that place anymore.».

Taken from People in Spanish