Ricky Martin’s brother is crowned Mister Puerto Rico

Eric Martin made his dream come true and revealed that it helps tone the body of the Puerto Rican singer.

Eric Martin won a competition of bodybuilding and was crowned Mr. Puerto Rico. “I thought that my dream would not come true because there were seven of us who competed and the judges rated everything in a very detailed way. In the end, the scores were in my favor and, although the competition was strong, I won and carried the title”he counted in his account Twitter.

«I have never seen Ricky Martin as the artist who sells millions of records, but as Enrique Martin, my older brother», he expressed. And he revealed that he often helps the singer tone up his body.

“The results of our work were incredible. Everyone could see the results and the great state of form in which my brother was.Eric revealed to People en Español magazine.

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