Ricky Martin: «My girlfriend knew I was gay»

Since the series ‘The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story’ came out on television and of which the singer is a part, he has dedicated himself to making revelations about his life that we did not know in some interviews like this time for Vulture.

Following the interrogation scene (after Gianni’s murder) that he FBI he does to Antonio D’Amico, a character that Martin embodies in the series, they asked him what role homophobia had played in that event, to which the singer replied: «Ignorance! My God, every question was so ignorant coming from this FBI guy. And I thought: “What are you talking about? He is my boyfriend, my partner.

“But even for me, in the ’90s, it was hard to say the word ‘boyfriend.’ I wish I could have said ‘my husband’ at the time, so people would understand. But before that interrogation, it’s still confusing, even now, if you have a boyfriend who brings you escorts for privacy. But that’s the reality for many men and women, and I can’t say just in the gay world. There are a lot of open relationships.said Ricky about his character.

The interviewer continued talking about the series and at one point asked him: “What was it like filming the moment when Gianni openly talks about his sexuality? Ricky replied: “Well, you know, for many years I lived in the closet, and you’ll never know how easy it is to come out until you really decide to come out. If I had known how easy everything was afterwards, I would have done it sooner. So, I went to that moment and I went to the relationship, where I kept my partners practically prisoners of my closet, so as an actor, it was very easy for me to get to an emotional place. And I felt a joy, and I felt that love was coming from my partner. Honestly, I went to my real life where I was hiding them, and then on the other side of the coin my partner is exposing our truth, our reality, and it felt amazing and I cried. But he was cheerful, and when I held his hand Edgar Ramirez (Gianni) I wanted to kiss him, and we did. He was nervous. It’s one of the most beautiful scenes, I think.». she counted.

Later, he questioned: “Did you date in the 90s, early 2000s?”. The now husband of Jwan Yosef, declared: “I was working like crazy in the ’90s. I had girlfriends, I had boyfriends, dogs, cats. But my career never sabotaged my intimate life.»

Next, He asked her: “Did you have a partner?”to which the interpreter of «Vida Loca» revealed: «Nope. I had my girlfriend, who was a woman I dated on and off for nine years, and she is like the Gala for Dalí. Dalí had Gala. And I had this woman who was amazing. Unfortunately, we don’t talk anymore, but she was amazing, and she was powerful and she knew about me. She knew I was gay, but we were together.».

And followed: «She knew?». The actor confessed, “Yes, she knew. She knew and we were together. It was one of those things, but we broke up around ’97, ’98, and then I just worked. I worked very hard, I went out, but nothing as serious, as formal as Antonio and Gianni”.

It is known that the most stable couple of Ricky Martin it was Rebecca Albaeven the medium El País, says that the former member of Menudo and the Mexican host had a seven-year relationship and that they ended in 2005.

“There’s a scene where Gianni Versace says, ‘Is the Versace brand braver than the man?’ When Donatella didn’t want me to come out of the closet. And he was asking me if you struggled with that question yourself in your life?. Martin commented: «Yes all. The people I love, the people who were very close to me, told me: ‘You go out and this will be the end of your career. You know, ‘Girls won’t buy your albums, they won’t buy your t-shirts, they won’t buy your concert tickets,’ and that kept me from going out for many years. Because you work so hard to get to a place in the entertainment business and then they tell you that if you talk about your nature everything will fall apart.. So you say: ‘It’s good, no. Okay, let’s just not talk about it then’. But then there is this emptiness; no matter what you created living with this emptiness, it’s not how I want to live. And one day you find the strength, you don’t know where, and you do it for yourself, you do it for your children, and then with social networks you realize the power and how important it is for us the LGBTQ community to normalize families like mine, and then it wouldn’t be a problem. I mean, Harvey Milk said it many years ago, «Guys, you should go out, because then it’s normal».

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