Ricky Martin and the cosmetic surgery that caused rejection and memes

how was it Ricky Martin after cosmetic surgery? Although he has not spoken about it, on social networks they assure that the change in his face is evident and that it did not favor him.

Although all of us are going to age, lose face tone and wrinkle, for many celebrities it is a difficult subject to accept, not only because they literally live off their image, but also because they are under constant pressure from the public. This is why celebrities sometimes undergo totally unnecessary plastic surgery.

The problem is that it is a double-edged sword: on the one hand they criticize them for being old and fill them with comments pointing out that their age is already noticeable and on the other hand they condemn them if they get to perform any retouching on their faces. You are in that dilemma right now. Enrique Martin Morales, better known as Ricky Martin.

Ricky Martin and cosmetic surgery evidenced on tour with Sebastián Yatra and Enrique Iglesias

The Puerto Rican was celebrating the successful tour of the United States with the Colombian Sebastián Yatra and the Spanish Enrique Iglesias when he decided to offer an interview; Those who saw her say that the Puerto Rican had a very different face from the one we know, apparently the product of plastic surgery. Look at his before and after.

Although the singer has not spoken about it or given any statements about the alleged operation, many of his followers noticed the change in one of his most recent posts and asked him in the comments what had been done.

«The face, who made your face»

«Let’s know what you did to your face, and it’s not understood because you started writing with deformed language but I still love you because I understand that sometimes people are wrong and you couldn’t be so perfect…»

“Ricky, what did you do to your face? Let me know. Salu2.”

“Ricky, do what is sung to you 1,000 times! To the gilada no room! ❤️”

“I love you all, tuned or untuned 😍❤️🔥 @ricky_martin”

(Tuned means something like pimped.)

In addition, on social networks they did not forgive him or a half and they took memes from him. Here we share some of them…

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