Ricardo Montaner arrived with his «Grateful Cry»

After his participation as a coach on the program La Voz Colombia, the artist returned to the recording studios to prepare his next album and today we see and can hear the first goal of an album that will be ready next November.

Grateful Cry is the title of this first cut, a sublime ballad with the distinctive lyrics of the poet that is Montaner. The song, an ode to gratitude, was written with his son Ricky Montaner and produced in Italy. The string section was recorded by the London Metropolitan at the legendary Abbey Road studio in London. The theme will also be available in the Italian version “Lacrime Sincere”.

But it is Montaner in his own words who best describes this song and its production: “This is one of the most sublime love songs I have written, it is a declaration of love. This cry I am talking about is a cry of infinite love, a cry of gratitude to God for giving me the possibility of living it and sharing it”reveals the singer-songwriter.

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further explains Montaner that the muse for this incredible theme came to him one morning after a sleepless night dominated by the ghost of stress. “When I woke up and saw by my side that woman who has accompanied me in the last 25 years of marriage, that woman who hugged me during sleepless nights so that I could fall asleep, that same woman who was awake with me, caused me to cry gratefully. I immediately went to the studio to write what it means to me to wake up next to her.”

The video of this topicto be held soon, will have as its main axis the participation of the fans and the celebration of the silver anniversary of the singer-songwriter with his wife Marlene Rodriguez Miranda. Details on how fans can participate in the video will appear soon on their social networks and on their official Facebook account. However, the artist announced that for this call his followers will have to prepare a personal video in which they present what is for them a sublime love, a grateful love.