Resident cried when talking to Lucas Villa’s brothers

Puerto Rican singer Resident cried when talking to Lucas Villa’s brothersthrough a Live.

During the night of last Saturday, May 8, the Puerto Rican singer decided to make an Instagram Live broadcast with the brothers of Lucas Villa, the young activist who during the demonstrations in Pereira was shot 8 times by men dressed in civilian clothes.

Resident cried when talking to Lucas Villa’s brothers

Although in the talk the singer and the Villa brothers talked about the difficult situation they have had to face with Lucas’ serious health condition, as well as the support they have received from thousands of Internet users, the conversation focused on knowing how is the young activist.

There the family stated that he is a man with great versatility, because in addition to being a yoga instructor and physiotherapist, he is a fan of sports such as athletics and martial arts, as well as painting and the arts.

They said that many constantly ask why at 37 years old he was still studying for an undergraduate degree at the university, to which they replied that due to his instinct for exploration and his thirst for adventure, he spent some time backpacking through Latin America, getting to know different cultures and learning different disciplines. , for which he decided to study later.

They also expressed that the way in which he appears in the different videos, dancing, singing, doing pirouettes and greeting several uniformed men, was not something solely in representation of the peaceful protest, but rather his spontaneous way of being, for which Residente he claimed that “he looked like a being of light.”

Near the end of the talk, the brothers told the singer the great admiration that Lucas felt for him and how happy he would be to know that his brothers were able to speak with him, before which the Puerto Rican invited them to Puerto Rico, to get to know your home and family.

Resident was quite moved

The conversation at all times was characterized by being quite close, because even the singer confessed that in the Villas he saw his own brothers reflected, which at one point filled him with feeling, almost on the verge of tears.

“I feel good, you bastard because my family… I see you and I put myself in your place. I hope you’ll forgive me (trying to hold back tears) because I don’t like doing this. I put myself in your place and I understand you and I tell you to continue like this as a family. Lucas will always be there and I hope to see him and meet him…”

Thank you @Residentyou are the most Colombian of non-Colombians.
You made Lucas’ family smile again and you made us cry with emotion.
First night in 10 days that we didn’t cry in pain.

– César Pachón (@CesarPachonAgro) May 9, 2021

Later the singer published the complete Live and accompanied it with the following message:

“Lucas Villa is a man of light who, for demonstrating peacefully, they tried to turn off everything that radiates. But Colombian hearts do not go out «

Thousands of Internet users immediately applauded his gesture and his words, assuring that he had become one more Colombian.

It is worth mentioning that in the last few hours Doctors from the San Jorge Hospital in Pereira declared that Lucas unfortunately suffered brain death.

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