Replacement of Juan Diego Alvira in Noticias Caracol did not convince

For many viewers, the replacement for Juan Diego Alvira in Noticias Caracol she did not convince because she was somewhat nervous and for some «she did not hit the ground running».

Although the presenter from Ibaguere arouses conflicting opinions due to his way of making the notes, visiting the field and sometimes printing some acted parts and putting himself in the shoes of the interviewee, he is also applauded by many thanks to his originality.

Some time ago the daughter of Juan Diego Alvira caused a sensation on the networks, but normally it is her father who shares details about her professional and personal life with her followers through Instagram. In fact, the presenter showed that she was going to take a vacation and for this reason, he left a replacement on the news set who, although she is a well-known and very talented face, does not seem to have conquered some viewers.

Replacing Juan Diego Alvira in Noticias Caracol did not convince viewers

The presenter who took Alvira’s place for a few days in the morning broadcast of Noticias Caracol was Ana Milena Gutiérrez, who had already hosted the newscast in the past and had done journalistic work in the city of Cali. In addition, she is remembered for being part of the program Day to day. She will be the face that Colombians will see in the absence of Juan Diego, who will be on vacation for a few weeks.

Although the Valle del Cauca woman is one of the most talented women and has been opening up space in the journalistic circle, she did not completely convince viewers who even speculated about the possible definitive departure of Juan Diego from the channel.

Some Internet users took the floor and left comments on social networks to comment that for now, Ana Milena is not the best replacement in the presentation of the first newscast of the day:

#Snail News Hello, Señores Caracol, what happened to Juan Diego Alvira, the truth is, those presenters don’t give a go, their ratings drop.»

«Pity, very nervous and unfocused Ana Milena in Noticias Caracol»

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