Recycling bins by colors and their true meaning

Know all about the recycling bins by colors and their meaningcan be one of the best ways to help the planet and even save some money at some point.

In recent times, it is common to talk about issues such as global warming, the greenhouse effect and the indiscriminate use of plastics. All these problems could have something in common and it is that from home, sometimes we do not contribute enough for a small act such as recycling, to help improve the situation of the environment that increasingly loses its non-renewable resources.

In this green movement of Vibra, we want to teach you how to take care of trees and also, that you learn many tricks about the colors of recycling bags or bins that can literally save life on the planet as we know it:

What is recycling and what is its importance?

We believe that a thousand times you have heard the term recycling but perhaps you are still not very clear about it. Well, recycling refers to one of the alternatives that are used throughout the world to reduce the volume of solid waste that is produced daily in homes, offices, industries, commercial premises, etc. Basically it is a process that is responsible for reusing some materials that were discarded by people (plastic, cardboard, paper, packaging, etc.), but are still suitable for making other products, reusing them in others or remanufacturing them. themselves but reducing the impact on the environment.

Recycling bins by colors and their meaning in Colombia

Almost every country in the world has its own laws to encourage and popularize recycling among its inhabitants. Of course, most of the time these regulations are not followed to the letter and that is why the environment continues to deteriorate. In Colombia, different colors of recycling bins or bags have been allocated so that you learn to place the correct materials for reuse in each of them. What’s more, you yourself can sell part of this material to companies destined to buy them to reuse them in their own products and thus you will surely earn some pesos.

According to the regulation of the Ministry of the Environment, this is how the colors of recycling bins are classified for exclusive use at home:

  • White bin: It is used to deposit usable waste such as plastic, glass, metal, paper and cardboard.
  • black colour: In this you can locate non-usable waste such as used toilet paper, napkins, paper and cardboard contaminated with food, metallic paper, among others.
  • Green color: it deposits usable organic waste such as food scraps, agricultural waste, etc.

Recycling bins by colors and their meaning for children

It is super important that you educate the little ones in the correct use of recycling bins so that they understand that in this way they can help take care of the world. Children are like sponges and absorb knowledge quickly and for this reason, the task of teaching them about this topic will be very easy since you could do it with games or challenges that stimulate them to want to know. Teach him that apart from the white, black and green bins or bags, he could also find these colors:

  • Red cans: suitable for high-risk, infectious, biosanitary and sharps waste such as clinical waste, bacteria, insecticides, oils, aerosols and the like.
  • Blue cans: glass and plastic are the materials that go inside the bins or ecological points of this color and that may be the ones you see in the streets or parks.
  • Yellow: metals or aluminum must go in there, like cans.

Learn about recycling in networks

So that you don’t think that all youtubers, instagramers or entertainment figures on networks don’t share things that have nothing to do with environmental issues, we want to invite you to follow the Instagram account of @marcelarecicladora and its YouTube channel, who is a champion of recycling and shares incredible tips to learn more about the job of separating waste.

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