Recover the romance in your relationship with these little details

If you have lost the romance in your relationship, don’t be discouraged! You can get it back with these simple everyday details.

If you’ve ever fallen in love, you know what it feels like: tickling in the stomach, anxiety, nerves… Every touch of the skin, however minimal, makes us float; kisses are explosive; hugs make bodies melt. What happens to all that when time passes and the relationship cools? Some think that love is over but it may be that what vanished is romance, and that can be recovered!

As revealed on the portal Mind Body Green renowned life coach Raj Yogi (India), you just need to have 7 little details to recover the romance with your partner:

1. Leave her a love note: In an age where all communication is virtual, nothing is more romantic than leaving a note in your own handwriting expressing your feelings.

2. Recreate a happy moment: Find a way to materialize or relive some happy moment that you have lived together or that is important to your partner. Priceless for the heart!

3. Dedicate a playlist: Just like when we recorded a cassette with songs to fall in love with, and now it’s much easier! You can do it on YouTube and send it the url.

4. Cuddle up for no reason: Not everything that starts in bed has to end in sex. One day he arrives with your blanket, a comfortable pillow and proposes the cuddle plan… Nothing more romantic than sleeping cuddling!

5. Bring him his favorite dessert: Don’t wait for his birthday to bring him the dessert that you know drives your partner crazy; Give it to him for no reason and without expecting anything… The romance will return little by little!

6. Give him a massage: Get aromatic oils and give him a gentle massage on the back, hands and feet, and beware, do not start leading the caresses towards the sexual field, leave everything in love.

7. Listen: We are used to doing things as a couple, like going to the movies, going out dancing, etc., but rarely do we dedicate ourselves to listening, to find out how the person we love feels, what the person we love needs. Dedicate some time just for that, without reproaches. Try it and you will see!

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What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to get the romance back? Or the one they had with you? Put your opinion in the comments of this note, and share it! That way more people will see what you write.