Recipes with wheat flour: a universe of rich preparations

The wheat flour recipes They are usually a delight and best of all, their preparations are not complicated and they give you the option of making breakfast, lunch or dessert.

Flour is an essential element in the kitchen, as it is essential when making doughs, breadcrumbs, sauces and toppings. For this reason, it is considered very useful and believe it or not, the vast majority of restaurant and home kitchens in the world have a jar of wheat flour to solve a huge number of preparations. We can say that this is an international product.

If you want to know how to make some chilaquiles with a very Mexican recipe or you want to innovate your menus using wheat flour in different ways, we are going to show you several options so that you can choose the one that you like the most and use wheat flour in each of them. they:

Recipes with wheat flour without oven

That you don’t have an oven at home, can’t deprive you of making many recipes to surprise your family and guests. For example, a great preparation that you can put into practice is that of Arabic bread, a mixture of soft texture and rich flavor that will be super useful for making pizza dough, sandwiches, pitas or accompanying salads that will surely conquer the palate of your guests.

Here we show you how to make Arabic bread, a recipe without an oven that you will really like.

Recipes with wheat flour and egg

There is no Colombian home in which some delicious, crispy and warm arepuelas have not been served. To be able to make the dough for this homemade fried food, you are going to need the wheat flour and the egg, two components that will give it an incredible and fluffy texture that will surely, when you try it, take you back to those times when your grandmother decided to prepare them by putting all his love.

Learn here how to make arepuelas: with the taste of home

Recipes with wheat flour for breakfast

We all agree that perhaps the most important meal of the day is breakfast. Although you may not have tried whole wheat flour, we want to tell you that it is a hit and super good for health. If you want to make some crepes to start the day, this type of flour will be your best ally and we assure you that no one at home will notice that you used wholemeal dough because the flavor does not change at all, go ahead and make these crepes!

Meet the recipe for pancakes with wholemeal flour and fruit for breakfast.

Easy recipes with wheat flour

We know you well and we know that you eat sweet sins from time to time. Wheat flour is an essential ingredient to prepare a dessert that is a complete delight: churros. For its preparation, you will not need many ingredients and if you follow the step by step correctly, we wish you an absolute success with all your guests when they taste them in each bite.

We teach you here how to make homemade churros quickly and easily.

Recipes with fried wheat flour

We could not leave out a preparation that represents the soul of all those gluttons who love a delicious protein with all their hearts: pork. In Colombia, it is very common to find the famous pork chops and guess what, for its breading you will need wheat flour! Conquer even the most demanding palates at home with this provocative recipe.

We teach you how to make pork chops, the best recipe in the world.

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