Recipes with cream cheese, all of them are an exquisite temptation!

Yes, the recipes with cream cheese they are delicious and provocative because they have that sweet and smooth flavor that when you taste it, makes us immediately melt.

Although many people begin to experience some problems when eating dairy products, cream cheese is one of those guilty pleasures that is worth indulging in again and again. A variety of preparations are possible with this quesito and you could try making desserts, dips and sauces that we assure you will generate a feast of flavors in your mouth.

Since we know that you love to learn new things, we will show you multiple recipes with milk cream and show you all the gastronomic delights that you can achieve using cream cheese. Take out your notebook and take notes:

Recipes with cream cheese

Ready to learn the best ways to stop using cream cheese just to spread on bread? We want to share a couple of recipes that you will thank us when you are eating every bite.

macaroni and cheese

Who said that good recipes were not created in the US? The mix of cheeses with macaroni is something that you must try once in life. Its soft texture, creamy sauce and gratin touch so that the cheese is stretched, make this dish deserve a place in the hearts of lovers of good food.

We show you the recipe for macaroni and cheese, a taste to give to the palate.

Mashed potatoes

It is clear that the potato is the rockstar of Andean gastronomic culture. In Colombia, mashed potatoes are essential in many menus and for this reason, it is very common to try them either with their sabanera or criolla variety. To achieve a rich flavor in the mouth and a very smooth texture, cream cheese is an ingredient that will enhance it and make you want to repeat the portion.

Here we show you how to make mashed potatoes with cheese, a practical recipe.

Easy sweet recipes with cream cheese

Sweet preparations are also part of the delicious repertoire of cream cheese. To delight your guests on any occasion, just make a recipe in which you put all your love and the indicated ingredients. See how to mix the cheese to obtain an exquisite result.

Lemon cake or dessert with cookies

If you are a lover of strong flavors, this combination will be a winner. Although it may not seem like it, lemon goes very well with sweets because it stimulates the taste buds and cuts excess sugar in a subtle but incredible way. Add cream cheese to this preparation and taste a unique dessert.

Watch how to make a lemon cake or dessert recipe with cookies.

snack for breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that is why you should not skimp on eating it with all the toys. A too simple snack is the one that includes toast and cream cheese; the surprise for your palate is that you can include fruits, chocolate and other light elements to give a unique start to the day.

We teach you how to make healthy snacks for breakfast.

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