Recipes with Carve for you to try and enjoy

If you have wondered how to make some recipes with Carvethen you have come to the right place because we have some exquisite preparations for you.

You may have eaten this product a thousand times but if you don’t know it, we tell you that it is a textured soy protein. Vegetarians and/or vegans enjoy dishes made based on this protein without traces of meat and that can be mixed with other ingredients to form complete menus, very appetizing and of course. super healthy!

We are going to show you several healthy food recipes and additionally, some options with Carve that you are going to love and that you will want to prepare very often:

Easy recipes with Carve

Write down these recipes and put them into practice right now because you will surely get a lot of use out of them and they will become household favorites:

Carve Burgers

Having a menu of champions is possible using this vegetable protein. Burgers are delicious in any presentation and if you put a lot of creativity into it, you will manage to make a vegetarian version that many will love and savor until the end:


Not only carnivores will be able to enjoy a meatball recipe with all of the law. With this soy protein it is also possible to prepare them and by adding a base of natural tomatoes to the sauce, you will have a quick, simple and super nutritious menu.

stewed carve

It’s time to eat without stopping! Stews are one of the most used techniques in the kitchen and using Carve, cabbage, tomatoes, onion and spices, you will obtain a dish with unparalleled flavor and with all the power to please the taste of your guests.

Vegetarian Carve Recipes

Bolognese sauce

Italian cuisine also reaches its best flavors when so-called soy meat is used. A thick and well-seasoned pasta sauce without using any products that come from animals is possible. You just have to get down to work and give everything in the kitchen with this simple preparation.


You can also experiment with this soy protein to make some really big and delicious burritos. With just a few ingredients and a lot of love, you will prepare some vegetarian burritos that are to lick your fingers and share with the family.

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