Recipes with Bimbo tortillas, fast and delicious!

If you want to enjoy these recipes with Bimbo tortillashere we give you some ideas that will surely get you out of trouble and you can enjoy with your family.

Bimbo tortillas are perfect to combine with any ingredient, the best thing is that you can prepare savory and sweet dishes. That is why here we bring you some ideas that your guests will surely love, because they are finger-licking good.

Bimbo Tortilla Recipes: Chicken Wraps

Chicken wraps are not only easy to make but also get you out of trouble, as it is an option for breakfast, lunch or dinner because it is light but feeds very well.

Meat tacos

Bimbo tortillas are also ideal for making delicious meat tacos, so you must follow this step by step and you will see what you were missing.

Tortilla sandwich with tuna

Another ingredient that goes very well with tortillas is tuna, that’s why here we give you the step by step of a good Tuna.

Recipes with Bimbo tortillas: Apple rolls

We couldn’t leave out a sweet recipe, that’s why we share these apple rolls with tortillas that are finger-licking good.

Hot nutella and fruit burrito

For chocolate lovers, this is undoubtedly an excellent option, you can also add fruit for that natural and fresh touch.

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