Recipes with beef, simply exquisite!

These beef recipes They are very easy to prepare and the best thing is that you can enjoy exquisite flavors as if they had fallen from the sky.

Without a doubt, beef is one of those ingredients with which you can make multiple recipes, so here we give you ideas that you will surely love. Prepare your chef’s hat, your apron, organize the ingredients that we give you below and get to work!

Recipes with beef: Sancocho

This gastronomic delight requires a lot of seasoning and this step by step will be the one to surprise your guests at each family gathering. Take note and put it into practice right now.

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meat roll without oven

The meat roll recipe is very simple to make, although it seems quite the opposite. This preparation is ideal for a special occasion because it is very tasty and will look very elegant when served.

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Beef steak

Steak meat is a delightful dish, thanks to its delicious ingredients and exquisite texture. This Colombian dish is a very easy and quick recipe to prepare, which also fills any table with flavor.

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Recipes with pulled beef

If you are a fan of meat and you like to enjoy it in different presentations, you will surely delight yourself with this exquisite recipe for Colombian-style shredded meat that you can serve on an arepa or a patacón.

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Ground beef

If you want to learn how to make ground beef in the easiest way, here we tell you the perfect way to achieve a delicious recipe.

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