Recipes to prepare with the family and have fun

There are many kitchen Recipes that are suitable for all tastes and preparing them at home is super simple because it can become a whole family plan.

Entering the kitchen does not have to become a martyrdom. Beyond the high gourmet preparations, there are some that are easy to replicate and are ideal for inviting children, grandparents, cousins ​​or whoever to join in the fun. The best thing is that you won’t need to be a specialist but put all your love into it to achieve delicious dishes.

If you want to know what are the best short cooking recipes that will get you out of trouble or some alternatives to prepare incredible family menus, then take a pen and paper and write them down:

Cooking recipes for children

Nothing more fun and rewarding than inviting the little ones to learn how to make some basic preparations. It goes without saying that you should always be aware of children in the kitchen to avoid bad times:


One of those dishes that children will love to cook and eat, are some good waffles. It does not matter if you only accompany them with honey, fruit or hazelnut cream, they will be equally delicious and it will be a good reason for the little ones to be encouraged to enter the kitchen.

Here we show you how to prepare the waffles: recipe to savor, share and enjoy.

Easy cooking recipes

french toast

This is another one of those super simple recipes to prepare since everyone will like it. Invite the whole family, show them the step by step and ask them to accompany you to make these toasts. You will not regret it and everyone will want to eat more than one.

Find here the preparation of French toast with a recipe that you will want to repeat.


Mexican food also conquers hearts and you can invite the children to join in the plan of preparing the different fillings. Keep in mind that these burritos are quite large so don’t go overboard with protein, rice or beans so you won’t be left to roll.

We teach you here how to make burritos: the easiest and most practical recipe.

Family cooking recipes

cuban sandwich

A complete plan to enter the kitchen can only get better with the preparation of some well-loaded sandwiches. This option in which you can put meat and vegetables, will be the favorite of the whole family for its softness, rich flavor and ease when cooking them.

See here the Cuban sandwich recipe

chocolate arepas

Colombian gastronomy is full of unique flavors. The arepas de chocolo are a mixture of softness, sweetness and a cheese that stretches and is capable of conquering the stomachs of the whole family with each bite they take of this preparation suitable for all audiences.

Find here how to make chocolo arepas.

At Vibra we have hundreds of easy recipes for you to change your menu every day and delight the palate of your guests at home.