Recipes for children that they will love to prepare at home

There are many recipes for children that are ideal for them to enter the kitchen and show that they are the best chefs in the world.

Regardless of what the menu is, always entering the kitchen can become a plan for the whole family. Perhaps your son / daughter has a lot of wood for culinary preparations and this is the ideal time for you to give him a hand and help him discover his talent. Of course, we must remind you that little ones always require your supervision and help all the time because you already know that the kitchen is a place with many risks.

We want to show you several recipes with chicken thighs and also show you some preparations that you can make with your children, nephews or cousins ​​and enjoy a pleasant time at home:

Cooking recipes for children

It’s time for you to start this cooking class so you can teach these fun recipes to the little ones at home, so grab a pen and paper.

Butter cookies

Surely the children at home will enjoy this preparation that is not only delicious, but also has a fairly simple process. They will be the best assistants to achieve a unique flavor and crispy texture in these cookies that will be the charm of everyone at home.

See here the recipe for butter cookies.

Ice cream sandwich with cookies

Everyone loves a good ice cream and the rich taste of cookies. This recipe has many moments in which your creativity will be welcome, so your children will surely want to be part of this cool preparation… And they will enjoy eating twice as much.

We show you how to make cookie ice cream sandwichtas, homemade recipe.

milkshake with ice cream

This creamy and sweet drink can be the perfect accompaniment to any meal. Being such a basic preparation, the children will be able to be part of its process and as soon as they finish, they will want to drink it all, so the best thing is to make many milkshakes to calm the craving.

Here we teach you how to make milkshakes with ice cream.

Recipes for children to prepare

If your children are very smart and love cooking, then you can try these alternatives that are equally fun to prepare:


This recipe of tex-mex origin is really delicious. You can invite the little ones to be part of this flavor adventure because they will love to fill and wrap the tortillas. Ask them what ingredients they like the most and use them in these homemade burritos.

We teach you here how to make burritos: the easiest and most practical recipe.

french toast

This is another incredibly easy recipe where the little ones can add all the ingredients they love. Try adding fruits, hazelnut cream, arequipe, chantilly cream and more delicacies that you will love. They will devour this dish in just a few seconds.

Find here the preparation of French toast with a recipe that you will want to repeat.


A good breakfast must have some delicious waffles accompanied with fruit. Your children will really enjoy this recipe and they will surely quickly learn to prepare the dough and mix the best flavors to make them a pleasure to the palate.

Here we show you how to prepare the waffles: recipe to savor, share and enjoy.

Which of these is your favorite preparation? Share with all your friends the easy recipes that we teach you here.