Rebelde (RBD) gives tremendous surprise to its fans in the world

the record house Universal Music released the entire musical catalog of the Mexican group on the different digital platforms, thus Rebelde (RBD) gives tremendous surprise to its fans.

The long wait is over for lovers of the group formed by Anahí, Christian Chávez, Dulce María, Maite Perroni, Christopher von Uckermann and Alfonso Herrera.

After eight years of absence on digital platformsFinally, the fans of the group will be able to enjoy the nine RBD studio albums:

Rebelde (RBD) gives tremendous surprise to his fans

Rebel – 2004

Heavenly – 2005

Our Love – 2006

Start From Scratch – 2007

To Forget Me – 2009

Rebels – English Edition

Celestial – Portuguese Edition

Nosso Amor – Portuguese Edition

Rebel – Portuguese Edition

In addition, on RBD’s new channel on YouTube, he has already received the Silver Creator Award from YouTube for having exceeded more than 100k followers.

There as in our Vibrating Music Box you can enjoy songs like “Save me”, “This heart” and “I am a rebel”.

As expected his followers are crazy with the news and his songs become popular on platforms like Spotify, Tik Tok and obviously YouTube.

What is your favorite song from the group Rebelde (RBD)? Leave your song in the comments.