Reasons & when there is a risk

Does your dog pant heavily when resting? Then lets behind this behavior different causes put.

Not always it must be about a veterinary emergency act. In some cases, however, this may be the case.

What exactly does it meanwhen the dog is panting at rest and what you can doexplains you the following guide.

Dog panting when resting – 7 causes

These 7 causes can be behind if your dog is panting heavily when at rest.


Maybe you were with your dog just for a walk and you just got home.

Your fur nose has itself not yet recovered from physical exertion and panting now. Because she can not only catch her breath, but also get a good breath of air.

Good to know

Dogs pant too sometimes very strong in summer. Because the heat is extremely difficult for many breeds, Panting here means cooling off.


Stress is only considered a few years ago serious health problem of our four-legged friends been.

Actually can stress and anxiety be a cause of increased to severe panting in a dog at rest.

How have important Tips & Tricks for you how to calm down your stressed dog!


Should be taken at least as seriously possible diseases that lead to excessive panting of the dog.

Here, among other things, a disease of the upper respiratory tract present. It can be worse than a common cold.

Your dog may have one bronchitisor have yourself Bacteria and viruses settled in the lungs?

It can do that too unfortunately encourage increased panting or cause.

Also can heart problems and diabetes cause a Dog panting heavily when at rest.

Good to know

how do they see your dog’s oral mucosa out of? Are these still normally pink or pale or even dark red to black? The colors reveal how acute the case is.


One poisoning Another trigger is when a dog suddenly pants extremely while at rest.

She is accompanied by other symptomsincluding among others Vomiting, choking and changed mucous membranes. These are here often very dark discolored.

gastric torsion

Also one Stomach torsion, which can be life-threateningtriggers the behavior dog panting heavily when at rest.

Here you can too seen on the mucous membranesthe existence urgent need for action consists. are they pale? Then please to the vet immediately!


Fever is nothing but one sometimes greatly increased body temperature. This needs to be shut down.

That a dog there almost automatically hibernated is almost self-explanatory.

Does he work? lethargic, he withdraws? Then fever can be a reason for the strong panting of the furry nose.

age of the dog

With age occur naturally more sickness and disease up, besides vital functions slow down.

This also means that you or Dog out of breath faster comes.

Does your old dog pant when at rest? Then it may well be that his senior status is responsible for this.

When is heavy panting at rest in dogs dangerous?

What else is normal if your dog pants a lot and when does it become dangerous?

Dog panting heavily when at rest dangerous when accompanied by other symptoms.

Among these serious symptoms fall one shallow breathing, panic and different colored mucous membranes.

These signs point to a serious illness there. In some cases this can be life-threatening. This means that every second counts here!

What can be behind it? Among other things incipient or advanced bronchitisone lung infection or one poisoning.

Also too much heat and a related, life-threatening sunstroke may have caused the increased panting at rest.

Dog panting while sleeping – what to do?

Does your dog pant when resting? Then you should first keep calm.

Easier said than done, but this is extremely important!

Let’s say your dog suffers from shortness of breathwhat caused the panting. So your dog is in Panic and fight for every bit of air.

If you start to panic too, the situation for your furry friend will worsen dramatically.

Are you panic technically back to zero arrived, please take a look for other symptoms:

  • How behaves your dog?
  • Does he work lethargic or nervous?
  • how do they see mucous membranes from what color are they?
  • does your dog have Painswhen you touch certain parts of the body?
  • Did your dog immediately after eating romped around too energetically?
  • How about them breathing your four-legged friend? Is this raised and flat?
  • Did your dog eat something, leading to a poisoning could have led?

This checklist can help you get to the bottom of the cause of your panting. It is also an important aid for the treating veterinarian.

When should I see a vet?

You should with your dog go to the vet immediatelyif breathing is rapid, heart rate increases and your dog obviously not himself.

The probability that there is a serious reason behind pantingis unfortunately very high here.

Even if stress behind the strong panting at rest is suspected power a visit to the veterinarian sense.

Because with him or her you can discuss How to get your dog’s stress level back to a healthy level as quickly as possible bring


The dog is panting when at rest. Behind it can be, among other things a breather after the walk and the age of the dog hide.

Likewise can Respiratory diseases, poisoning or fever set the trigger for the heavy panting.

Do you notice more symptoms? Then please take your dog to the vet immediately.

What experiences can you share with us on the subject of «dog panting when resting»? We look forward to reading these in the comments.