Reasons to end your relationship

Relationships sometimes become a bit tiresome and monotonous because both parties have lost the effort to cultivate the best. That’s why if you have doubts about your relationship, we give you some reasons that you should ask yourself and answer honestly to know whether or not you should end it.

It has customs that drive you crazy: Yes, it may seem exaggerated, but if you are living together -or even worse, not yet- and there are things that make you angry, it is time to leave it. Coexistence is an important part of life, and we should not leave aside those aspects that bother us about a person, since they can easily ruin a relationship.

Your family and friends hate it: I am not saying that it is a reason to leave a relationship if only one person does not agree with it, but if everyone around you and who loves you tells you that person is not for you, it may be time to talk to them to understand why this could be, and if there is something you are not seeing.

Play the savior: In relationships, one has to be the other’s support: the problem is when we find ourselves saying «I couldn’t leave him, what would he do without me?». Sometimes, our personality is like that, in addition, we all like to feel like someone’s saviors, but in the relationship there must be something more than this satisfaction.

They have secrets: Whether for one side or the other, keeping secrets is a bad thing for a relationship. Before, they told each other everything, they were the first to know about the news, but lately they trust other people more or simply do not tell things.

He is too jealous Jealousy is a part of the relationship, in some cases it is justified and it is a natural response. However, if they are excessive it is a good reason to leave the relationship.

He was unfaithful: Some relationships work after one party has been unfaithful. However, this does not happen in most cases, and sometimes it is very difficult to put the relationship back together again.

is addicted: If your partner uses any type of drug, is a gambler or alcoholic, you can give him your full support – especially professional support – but it is a good reason to leave him, since he will probably never change completely.

Physical abuse: If he’s hit you at some point, for whatever reason, you’d better stop. Even if it’s only once, the truth is that you can try to forgive him, but you will never forget that he did it. That, in the long run, will only create more problems. Abuse is not forgivable, don’t let it go.

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Source: Iwoman