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The Argentine musician Charlie Garciaone of the most important rock names in Latin America, presented today at Buenos Aires his debut in literature, «Parallel lines»which he described as “a very Titanic blog” written just as he composes his songs.

«Parallel lines» is a work of “science fiction music” which can be purchased from today in bookstores.

“I didn’t want to get a book out, but they asked me to. First they wanted a biography and I think I’m still too young for that «joked the 61-year-old composer, who has been dedicated to music for more than 40 years.

«Many of the things written by hand I don’t even understand them, the brain goes faster»said the musician.

“It is as if I were making a song, one writes what comes to him that way”Garcia explained, adding that it was not until halfway through the book that he finally became aware that “Maybe it was interesting and I could get it out”.

Parallel lines are for García an artifice that explains the music itself: for it to happen there must be two, «one that plays and one that listens», although in the middle there is a space that modifies that sound, just as the sound of music changes. the siren of an ambulance depending on how close you hear it.

“Space, distance and physical phenomena are very important, to the point that I see parallel lines coming together and we all know that doesn’t happen. But in my work it happens”specified the Argentine composer.

As if it were a love story, for the musician “The parallels want to touch each other but they console themselves knowing that they will be together all their lives“.

“It is a love story, it is a story of not suffocating space, of my vision of what is called art that I still do not understand just as I do not understand infinity, but I do understand that without air there is no music”he stressed.

Precisely along the lines of experimentation with the laws of physics and acoustics, García’s next project is going to be making music to listen to underwater.

Before that happens, García has another important debut on his agenda, the one that will see him occupy the emblematic Colon Theater of Buenos Aires the next day 23, a recital that, like the book, believes that it arrives «at the right time» of his career.

Enjoy the most recent presentation of Charlie García in Bogotá:

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