Rare and real professions – Vibra

We see everything in the Lord’s vineyard, unimaginable jobs and professions, of which we do not know if they are well paid and here we are going to discover some of them.

Coconut Inspector: Believe it or not, there are professionals in charge of inspecting the palm trees in the coastal area to check the ripening of their coconuts and thus prevent future falls and damage to people and/or cars that circulate nearby.

Pet food taster: Without words and without disgust…

Armpit Odor Checker: A profession in demand by deodorant manufacturers. These workers are dedicated to sniffing volunteers’ armpits and checking the effect of deodorants.

Golf Ball Pickup Diver: An Elite profession.

Cattle artificial inseminator: A job for men…

Chickens sexador: They carry out this work when the chicks are only one day old. Depending on the result, they are assigned a specific food supply.

Fish counter: This work helps regulate fishing rights in certain areas of the US.

Coin polisher: Could it be that he is also measured to iron bills?

Tell stories: In London you find a hotel chain that offers storytelling services. The role played by those who work in this profession is to read stories to children. In this way, parents with small children can go out to enjoy the night while they have the peace of mind that their children are safe. A hotel employee comes to your room, takes a book and starts reading it until the children fall asleep.

Dice Inspector: Major casino chains around the world hire craps inspectors to examine each craps. What is evaluated on a die?: its angles, its faces, that the points are correctly painted, and that they are balanced. These and other aspects are an increasingly common security measure.

Which of these jobs would you measure up to?