Ramón Valdés and Florinda Meza did not really have a good relationship

This was stated by the actor’s son, who confessed that the relationship between Ramon Valdes and Florinda Meza It was a bit complicated and quite uncomfortable.

It is no secret to anyone that the relationship that Florinda Meza had with the other actors of the Chavo del 8 it was a bit difficult. Rumors are growing that she was a bit complicated and had a lot of influence on the decisions made by Roberto Gómez Bolaños.

How was the relationship between Ramón Valdés and Florinda Meza?

Precisely, this was confirmed by the son of Ramón Valdés, who revealed that his disgust went beyond the screens when they played Doña Florinda and Don Ramón. There was actually a bit of a complicated bond behind the scenes, which helped them when playing their characters who always had problems during each chapter.

Although on one occasion the actress pointed out that her relationship with Ramón was very good “He was extraordinary, cute and funny, but outside the program it was very difficult to see him because he had his group of friends. Those who are still alive can attest that we got along very well.». However, Esteban Valdés did not agree on the same thing and stated that his father felt uncomfortable with Florinda’s demands, which led him to leave the production some time later.

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