Ramiro Meneses had a fight with Isabella Santiago in MasterChef

Ramiro Meneses had a fight with Isabella Santiago in MasterChef Celebrity, Well, the actor could not stand the attitude of the actress anymore. OMG!

As in 2020, the new season of the popular cooking reality show has not ceased to be a recurring topic of conversation among viewers, as the participants and the intense situations that are experienced there night after night become a trend on networks, in where many express their criticism and opinions in front of each episode.

Although this program has only been broadcast for 3 weeks, it has already been possible to appreciate the talent, shortcomings and attitudes of all the contestants in the kitchen, which has aroused love and hatred in the public.

One of the topics that has given more to talk about in recent days has been the attitude of the trans actress Isabella Santiago, Well, followers of the program have expressed on several occasions that the way she works, her statements and of course the way she acts with her colleagues make her a «terribly irritating» character.

So much so that they have even dared to compare her with the controversial Carla Giraldo, who last season was the target of all kinds of comments due to her way of competing, her constant attacks against other chefs and her «arrogance».

Ramiro Meneses had a fight with Isabella Santiago in MasterChef

Part of this was evident during one of the recent chapters this week, because there Santiago starred in an uncomfortable discussion with Ramiro Meneses, who could not stand his contradictions. What happened?

Well, while they faced a team challenge, in which the actress was the captain of the team in which the actor was, both differed in the preparation of a tuna, because while Meneses suggested serving it raw, Santiago was determined to seal it.

Faced with strong pressure from the actress, the director also agreed to carry out her idea, stating: “So, let’s seal his hijuep… tuna to see if he calms down.”

Later Jorge Rausch, one of the program’s judges, went to his station to help the cooks and check that everything was running smoothly, but when he saw the tuna he suggested serving it raw, as Meneses initially proposed.

Faced with such words and right in front of the chef, Isabella dared to assure that this was what she had told her partner to do at first, for which she even criticized him. After her contradiction, the actor immediately replied: “No, you’re not telling me that because you haven’t let me work

Later in individual statements, he said:

One has to have a lot of nose in life to transform things in favor. Luckily the cameras

In Internet networks they reacted

As expected, the actor’s reaction and response were widely applauded on networks, because there Internet users congratulated him not only for not remaining silent in the face of what happened but also for not being intimidated by the Venezuelan, whom they described as «opportunist and disloyal ”.

Isabella is so arrogant that she is not able to admit that she lacks leadership. If she took charge of the team, it’s because she saw that there was no one to lead it and then she sits down and she’s going to crack down and say that it was because no one paid any attention to her. humility lady #MasterChefCelebrity

— TanBonitaElla 🇪🇦 (@tanbonitaella) March 11, 2022

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