Rafael Novoa changed his look, dyed his hair and didn’t like it either

The Colombian actor has been characterized as one of the leading men on the small screen, but this time he wanted to surprise with a new look and ended up doing the opposite.

After his participation in the reality show MasterChef Celebrity, Rafael Novoa had disappeared from the screens and little had been known again. However, in recent days the actor appeared on his Instagram account wearing a new look and surprised his followers. But the question is, what was done?

It turns out that the actor made a rather radical change, because after a long time having completely dark hair, he is now blonde. A color that he had never used, not even when he had had to play different characters throughout his career.

What Rafael did not want to do was change the tone of his beard, which is why he left it completely black with the occasional gray hair and more populated. However, his followers did not like the change and asked him to return to his natural hair tone. Although others affirmed that he could be a character that the actor is preparing for the coming months.

These were some of the comments that Rafael received on his social networks:

Everything you do looks on you, but I prefer black hair that makes you look more interesting. instagram comment

Is the interpretation of Marilyn Monroe coming, now? instagram comment

Noooooo please noooo, stop inventing. instagram comment

I didn’t expect it but I prefer to see him with black hair, hopefully it’s just for a character and not for a long time. instagram comment

How do you think Rafael Novoa looks with his new look? Do you like black or blonde hair better?

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With information from: Protagonist