Put your dog to sleep or not? (Counselor)

Herniated discs in dogs are unfortunately No rarity more. More and more dogs, including younger ones, suffer from this neurological disease.

In order for a herniated disc to be healed, a quick therapy necessary. This can prevent the dog from having to be put to sleep in the event of a herniated disc.

In this article you will learn how the treatment of a herniated disc works and how you can actively support your dog in healing.

Herniated disc in a dog: do I have to put him to sleep?

If your dog has a herniated disc, you need it not necessarily put to sleep. Even dogs that have a severe course and may even have paralysis in their legs can live on for many years to come.

However, there is by the occurred paralysis other problems that can come to you and your dog. Urinary and fecal continence often occur at the same time.

That means your dog is his excretions can no longer control. In this case, your dog needs round-the-clock care. That’s a lot of work that should be taken into account.

Before you euthanize your dog, you should ask yourself how high his life quality is. If he is in too much pain or just vegetating in front of himself, putting him to sleep can be an option.

Here you should definitely get in touch with your vet advise and trust his advice.

OP yes or no: Should I have surgery on my dog ​​with a herniated ligament?

A dog does not always have to be operated on because of a herniated disc. At a severe disc herniation However, there is no avoiding an operation.

Even if the symptoms worsen in your dog, surgery is usually the best option.

With a mild course, the herniated disc can also without surgery heal. Painkillers, sufficient rest and physiotherapy can already help here.

Many dog ​​owners are often faced with the question: OP yes or no? Once the dog signs shows signs of a herniated disc, they should be taken to the vet immediately.

This can be done through more precise investigations determine the severity of the herniated disc and suggest the appropriate therapy.

What happens if the herniated disc is not operated on?

If the course of the herniated disc is severe, one cannot operate paralysis of the legs cause.

As a result, the dog can no longer walk and is on the Care dependent on its owner. The urinary bladder and the anus muscle are often affected by the paralysis, which leads to incontinence.

While a herniated disc in dogs is not fatal per se, they should always be operated on if the case is serious. this is the best optionto get the dog healthy again.

What are the chances of recovery from a herniated disc?

The chances of recovery with a herniated disc always depend on the severity and duration of the disease.

Even with good prospects and appropriate therapy, healing can take place weeks to months last.

are particularly dangerous acute herniated discs. These can lead to paralysis within a very short time. That is why it is so important that the dog is taken to the vet immediately.

Good to know:

Dogs with a severe course that can move their legs again two days after the operation have a good chance of a relatively quick recovery. If this is not the case, there is a high probability that the dog will remain paralyzed.

Can a severe herniated disc be fatal for my dog?

A severe herniated disc is actually for a dog not deadly. However, a herniated disc can lead to significant limitations.

If the course is severe, the dog is paralyzed and can no longer control its excretions. This makes him one nursing case. Not only an old dog can be affected, but also a young dog.

Experiences of other owners with dogs with herniated discs

According to the experience of other dog owners, many dogs can only accompany you painkillers and physiotherapy are treated. This works very well in most cases, allowing the dogs to lead a relatively normal life again.

So that the pain for the dog is not so great, many dog ​​owners use steps carriedso that your back is relieved.

Only at; only when repeated occurrence or an acute severe case, the dogs were operated on. However, these dogs also had to be treated with painkillers and physiotherapy after the operation.

How to properly carry a dog with a herniated disc?

If your dog has a herniated disc, it is important that you Carry make sure that the back and especially the spine are relieved.

To carry your dog properly, you should lift it across your chest. You should make sure that it is back always straight and is not curved.

There are also special carrying harnesses and carrying aids for dogs with herniated discs, which make carrying easier for you and your four-legged friend.


A herniated disc can quickly lead to paralysis in dogs. thats why quick action asked to protect your dog from worse effects.

Which treatment is necessary should always be discussed with a veterinarian. This can determine the severity and the right one treatment plan assemble.

One physical therapy is essential for most dogs if they are to lead a carefree life again.

Has your dog ever had a herniated disc and how was it treated? Tell us in the comments!