Psychological profile of an unfaithful man: Learn to recognize it

Find out if the guy you like or your partner fit the bill psychological profile of an unfaithful man. You don’t have to wait for him to give you horns!

At this point in life, if you have never been horny, you are a very lucky person, because it is the daily bread for almost everyone in love. It is not for less, since, apparently, infidelity would be natural to the human being.

If the above is true (and science supports it), it is possible to profile these types of men, since their personalities surely have common traits that are easily identifiable before they commit the fault. Because he will.

10 personality traits of the psychological profile of a cheating man

1. He is secretive to the point of obsession

When you establish a relationship with someone or start to know them, it is normal for them to reveal intimate aspects of their life to you. With a potential infidel you will realize from the beginning that he is hermetic with his intimacy and that the passage of time does not relax this behavior, but rather reinforces it.

2. Is short-tempered and/or defensive

The temper tactic (or responding aggressively to situations that make them uncomfortable) is a way for cheaters to keep their reserve safe and prevent you from making claims in the future, which you may do just to avoid confrontations.

3. He is estranged from his mom

Experts indicate that a bad or distant relationship with the mother can be a clear sign of an unfaithful man, since keeping the most important female figure in his life away reveals the place in which he has women in general.

4. He likes to have the power

Although various investigations suggest that powerful men are more unfaithful than those who do not have the same means, so are those who have imposing personalities, even if they do not have real power.

5. He’s terribly insecure

And that insecurity is projected onto you in the form of jealousy. For him, the phrase “as he imagines them does” applies just as it is, so he will probably make it clear to you from the beginning that he will not accept that you have other men in your mind, not even on your cell phone.

6. He is quite a Don Juan

Think about it, that same charm that he used to conquer you, do you think he has it reserved just for you? No, he will most likely shoot anything that moves, waiting to see what falls, and he won’t change from being in a relationship with you.

7. He is an expert in becoming «the one who is not with him»

Just as you read it. With this type of people do not waste time sending hints; If you have to say something to him, say it up front, because he knows very well how to play the «asshole» in compromising situations.

8. Has vices

Be it gambling, alcohol, porn (or all of them and more); his personality always drives him to take risks and to be on the brink of the abyss. He is unfaithful because he likes to feel that same emotion: adrenaline.

9. She’s a diva

Most likely, he is an extremely careful person with his appearance, paying attention to the smallest details of his physique, look, clothes, aroma, etc. It is held in such high esteem that it can even border on narcissism.

10. He is cold with you in public

It’s not that all cold and uncaring men are unfaithful, but if you notice a radical change in how he behaves towards you in front of other people, it’s probably because you’re not the only girl his friends see him with.

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