Protagonists of Pasión de Gavilanes revealed curious secrets

Through social networks, protagonists of Pasión de Gavilanes revealed curious secrets. OMG!

The actors played “I have never”, a fun dynamic with which they revealed various details of their lives.

Protagonists of Pasión de Gavilanes revealed curious secrets

Although almost 17 years have passed since the premiere of the successful novel Passion of Hawks, its protagonists continue to steal the hearts of thousands of fans throughout Latin America.

For this reason, John Alphonse Baptista Y mario cimarrowho interpret Oscar Y john kingsthey wanted to give their followers a very fun time in the middle of this quarantine, so they did a jocular Instagram Live broadcast that left more than one with their mouths open.

Well the actors played «I have never«, a game that consists of answering various questions by saying «I did it» or «I never did it», something that uncovered many secrets of the actors such as that have flirted in the back seat of a car or have been arrested.

More than surprises, Internet users got several laughs with the confessions of the renowned actors.

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