Problems kissing? These are 9 most common mistakes

Who hasn’t kissed? Everyone surely, but, they have told you if you do it right or wrong and you know that you have made some mistakes that we are going to list here.

Although we think that a kiss can be something insignificant, it is actually saying more about us than any type of presentation imaginable. It is a business card that will leave the most indelible impression on your partner. But despite this, there are still people who think that they can be given in any way. To avoid this, we propose a list of PROHIBITIONS when kissing. Remember that you will never get a second chance to make a first impression.

1. Not controlling your tongue

The book of tastes is not written, but practically all of humanity thinks that, when kissing, sticking the tongue up to the bell is not something pleasant for the person who suffers it. Neither is it that it moves too fast or that it is completely still. Simply use it calmly, enjoying the moment and letting the rhythm be followed by the other person, so you will surely achieve a perfect communion. These tips will help you to be a perfect lover.

2. Bites: DANGER

Sometimes a person may like a LIGHT bite on the lips in a sensual way. It may even be that, driven by passion, you give free rein and throw yourself into battle in a small love fight. But from there you have to hurt the other person or to be as unpleasant as dangerous there is a small distance. For this reason, it is better to leave it for when you get to know your partner better, so that you know the emotional state and that you can control the force in proportion.

3. Kiss in a hurry

We are going to give you some advice regarding time: If you do not have all the time in the world to give a kiss without haste, it is better not to start it. It is not necessary for you to be there for an hour, but there is nothing that leaves the other person more empty than the feeling that you want to finish quickly, because you will be filling them with insecurities. Always try to give the feeling that if a kiss ends prematurely it will be delicately, that it does not seem that you have to leave to save the world. Even if you think that NOBODY could do any of this, the truth is that it happens too often.

4. Not taking care of your breath

Always have chewing gum handy, make sure you brush your teeth properly and NEVER kiss after eating garlic. There is nothing more unpleasant for a person than having to kiss someone knowing that she tastes his breath. Possibly it could be such a great trauma that the experience would not be repeated. If you don’t want to end that relationship, just be careful with this important point.

5. Take care of the lips

Sometimes we forget that the lips are a part that we have to take care of more carefully. You have to hydrate them enough so that they don’t crack because, apart from the health of the skin, they give a rather strange sensation to the person who is going to kiss us. The appearance plays an important role and the fact that they can hurt us or even crack and start bleeding also takes its toll. Always try to have a lip balm or cocoa on hand to compensate for the excessive cold. You have to keep in mind that not everything in the kiss is automatic, he knows the secrets.

6. Never combine

When you are kissing your partner you should not fall into monotony or the kiss will cease to be a special moment. Remember that you can always kiss other areas that are also exciting, such as the earlobes or the neck. You can also intersperse kisses with and without tongue to encourage desire. There is nothing more tedious for someone kissing you than doing the same thing for hours. And you can also learn what the other person really likes.

7. Dive in blind

It’s time to kiss and you close your eyes too soon. Big mistake if you do not have experience or do not know the reaction of the other person. If you are a person capable of reacting well when the other person withdraws or if you do not hit where you wanted to kiss, there is no problem. However, if you consider yourself someone more normal, the best thing you can do is learn that you have to close only when the kiss is close enough, assured and with a total guarantee of success. The last two tips are crucial to avoid a fiasco.

8. Teeth

Our teeth are as hard as rocks, but that does not mean that they are not sensitive. In fact they are a lot. Always avoid sudden movements or you could injure them in a passionate kiss. No matter how much we tell you, it will end up happening to you anyway. At that moment the best thing you can do is draw a smile and laugh at the moment. It doesn’t matter who was at fault. The best thing that can happen is that the romantic moment continues regardless of the accident.

9. Open your eyes

We admit that in order to know if the other person has opened their eyes you have to do the same. But apart from the fact that it is something very unattractive, it subtracts all the magic of the moment. If by chance you have to open them and you find that the other person spends the entire magical moment that way, it could possibly cause aversion. Don’t destroy the excitement with something so obvious, you’ll have time to open them when you’re done. And remember to memorize EVERYBODY our tips to be an authentic Latin Lover.

Taken from For the Curious

Problems kissing? These are 9 most common mistakes