Potted lemon tree, care for its maintenance

The potted lemon tree requires care specific to preserve it in good conditions, allowing its fruits to grow healthy and remain fit for human consumption.

Perhaps this citrus fruit is one of the most consumed fruits in the world due to its peculiar flavor, the vitamins it contains inside that help cure colds and clearly, for quenching thirst at any time with a fresh lemonade.

As with the care of the jade tree, planting and preserving a lemon tree at home is a very good option. since it is a plant resistant to climatic changes and because it easily adapts to exteriors and interiors alike, without losing its properties. We tell you the recommendations to have a healthy tree:

Lunero lemon tree in pot care

The care of this tree in its lunero species is not usually excessive, but its growth will depend on how much attention you pay it, so some good tips for its maintenance are to have it in open spaces where it can receive at least 12 hours of sun. On the other hand, potted lemon trees sometimes lose their ability to obtain food, so they generally need to be transplanted into larger containers.

Potted lemon tree care and watering

The care in its irrigation is perhaps the most important part of its development. Although the selection of the seeds is largely the key to its growth, the fertilizer and hydration of the substrate allow the plant to expand and maintain itself longer. Some valuable recommendations in this regard are:

  • Make sure the soil is moist but not flooded, as excessive watering can drown and kill the plant.
  • You must do frequent watering at least once a week.
  • To check the humidity of the soil, you can insert a thin wooden stick into it. If it comes out practically clean, it means that it needs to be watered.

Dwarf lemon tree in pot care

Its ideal condition is in semi-shaded spaces. To plant it in a pot, it is best to make a prepared mixture of new soil and nutrients provided by a good fertilizer. Dwarf lemon trees suffer a lot from invasive pests such as mealybugs or whiteflies, so you must find pesticide products that do not alter the pH of the plant because they are very susceptible to these substances.

When to prune the lemon tree in a pot?

If you have it planted this way, it would be best to prune in late spring or when the weather is mild. It is also possible to do it in the months that present temperatures similar to those of summer. The recommendation is to make cuts in the main branches, removing just a few centimeters, avoiding this if done in its flowering stage, as this will make its nascent fruits fall.

How long does it take to grow a lemon tree in a pot?

This tree could reach between 2 and 7 meters in height. During her first year you will see a growth spurt and she could bear her best fruit perhaps a year after planting.

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