Potho: care this plant needs

If you want to keep your plant poto with care correct so that it always looks beautiful, here we tell you how you should do it.

The poto is one of the hanging plants, which is characterized by decorating your home very well. In addition, it is one of the indoor plants that, due to its easy care and resistance, is the favorite of many people.

What care does a poto need?

The potho is a very resistant plant that needs to be exposed to very bright areas to keep all its leaves in optimal conditions and to make them look very green, but it should never receive direct sunlight. That is why here we want to give you some tips so that you can put this plant into practice and keep it beautiful.

Also, while it is growing it is important that you are pruning it so that the stems grow correctly. It is also important that you are fertilizing the plant every month while it is in the growth process and then every three months so that it continues to perform well.

Finally, remember that it is important that you prune the stems when they are bare, that is, when they no longer have a single leaf or those that do have are yellow. The watering must be constant to remain moist but it must never be waterlogged or the roots could be damaged.

Why do potho leaves turn yellow?

If the leaves of the pothos begin to take on a yellowish color, it is because they are suffering from chlorosis. This is because the leaf lacks chlorophyll, a nutrient that the plant manufactures to feed itself and that is responsible for pests not affecting it.

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