Possibly powdered alcohol will go on sale

The novelty that arrives in the United States is the powdered alcohol that will possibly revolutionize the world of beverages.

Just add water, stir and cheers! “palcohol”, manufactured by a company Arizona called Lipsmark, comes in sachets equal to one shot of alcohol and in six varieties of flavors, reports the company’s website.

Fans of portable intoxication simply empty the powder into a glass of water for a shot of rum or vodka. Or they can Mix the flavors Cosmopolitan, Mojito, Margarita either Lemon Drop to a glass of Coca Cola or orange juice and toast with a cocktail.

Decorative umbrellas and mint leaves, however, are not planned. The company noted that the office of alcohol and tobacco regulation approved Palcohol «some time ago», but they weren’t ready to announce the product launch yet.

He also guaranteed that powdered alcohol will be sold only to adults. “Think of Palcohol as a liquor… but in powder form. It will be sold anywhere alcohol is sold.» the company said, promising that its product will be for sale in the United States, abroad and through the Internet.

The company also reports that some consumers have asked if the powdered alcohol can be inhaled. Referring to these curious onlookers as «fools,» he categorically replies: “Don’t do it! It is not a responsible or intelligent way to use the product.”

However, the firm does suggest sprinkling the powder on food to enhance its flavor. The sale of powdered alcohol is already approved in Japan and in some European countries, although the patent for the mixture is still pending.

Source: DNA