Poses for selfies that will make you look like an influencer

If you love photos and want to know other selfie poseshere we give you several ideas so that you see yourself as an influencer.

A good selfie is not bad for anyone, so if you want to look pretty in these famous photos, here we suggest some poses that will surely attract attention. In addition, you will look so beautiful that you will be a sensation in all your social networks.

How to pose for a selfie

Get out of your closet all those accessories and clothes that you haven’t worn in a while and play at being a model for a while. Put on makeup, fix your hair and take your camera to look fabulous.

Let your hair be the protagonist

When your hair becomes the protagonist of the photo, it is something that automatically becomes sensual. That is why posing in this way is a great idea, you will look quite attractive.

show off your look

Not only do you have to show your face, a very good idea for a selfie is to show off your best outfits.

May the smile be your secret weapon

There is nothing cuter than a smile, not only will you show that you are happy and very cheerful. If not, with this type of selfies we are sure that you will break hearts.

a good kiss

If you’re taking a selfie, why not blow the camera a good kiss. This pose is one of the favorites of many people, because it is fun, charismatic and very sexy.

And if you play innocent

An angelic face is always a good option for a nice selfie, all you have to do is put on your best serious face and place one of your hands close to your face. Safety pin!

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