‘Polígono MyS’, a place to practice target shooting

In this new Vibra Experience you will learn basic self-defense techniques and you will also be able to practice target shooting in a safe and controlled way, this is the Polygon MyS.

The first thing you are going to learn in Polígono MyS is the responsibility of handling a firearm of any type.

They explain in detail the difference between lethal, non-lethal and sports weapons, and you will also understand the implications of using a firearm.

Where do I find the MyS Polygon?

The MyS Polygon It is located at Carrera 59a #68-14, in the San Fernando neighborhood in Bogotá. and has individual or group plans, with schedules available every day.

This space is very safe to practice target shooting as a controlled sporting discipline and advised by experts.

Remember that this practice it is enabled for men and women, not only practice target shooting and also basic fundamentals of self defense.

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