Poems for my best friend, thank you for your friendship!

These poems for my best friend They are ideal to let you know that you can always count on you and how important it is in your life.

If you are looking for some nice words to express your sincere feelings to your best friend, how about doing it through a poem. Not only will he be surprised, but he will value your friendship more than anything in the world.

short poems for my best friend

For your best friend, a poem can be a nice detail that shows the importance of your friendship, that’s why these beautiful short verses are ideal.

No one like you

friends I always had
I will always have friends
But a friend like you
I will never forget.

My dear friend

I know it’s you I want
because if something goes wrong
I’ll tell you first
and because if something goes well for me
I tell you too my dear friend!

Thanks for being my friend

For you dear friend… When I met you I knew you would be my best friend, my soulmate, you who have been in those difficult times for me, thank you very much. To you who have given me your laughter, thank you very much, but above all, thank you for being my friend!

sincere friend

looking forward to hearing
always with me
such a good heart
and so kind does not abound. eager to help
always sincere
I feel great fortune
to have a friend like that.

friends always friends

Friends, we will always be friends to tell our sorrows one by one. We will travel to a distant world to search for all the effort. Friends, they are united like thorns and roses, regardless of distance or time.

long poems for my best friend

If you want to look a little more inspired, you can use these long poems to dedicate to your best friend. Messages with a very important meaning of what your friendship reflects.

A poem for my friend

when you have any problem
I will be there to listen to you
Well, I will always advise you.
and we’ll vent together.

When I think of failure
you give me hope
and you tell me that in my steps
I must have confidence.

You share your sorrows with me
and also the good things
what happens to you at home
and at school.

You make me look at my faults
when i make a mistake
and you never turn your back on me
when I ask you for a favor

When time separates us
memories comfort us
and if the distance is great
No matter what happens
well we are friends
and our friendship
It’s what keeps us together.

You’re my best friend
and my most faithful companion
the one that keeps my secrets
and he knows how to understand me.

A friend is like a bird

Dear friend I just want to tell you
that you are like the birds
that you fly and fly
and you only settle where there are true friendships.

you have always supported me
in moments of sadness and pain
that’s why I want to thank you
reciting this poem in your honor.

I already say goodbye so as not to make you cry
because if you cry I want it to be from happiness
and a friend like me will always value you.

for a true friendship

I want a sincere friendship like the one I have so far; I want a friendly hand that will take me to fly sincerely… Could it be that I have a sincere and true friendship?

If I want a friendship; an unconditional love and affection I must keep her. Not all stars are like the ones I have and that teaches me to fly every day for my dreams.

Therefore, my heart feels unconditionally happy and loyal knowing that we will travel together once for friendship.

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