PLASTIC SURGERY: The importance of performing a treatment with Platelet Rich Plasma safely

Within the field of plastic surgery there are many types of procedures that contribute to the well-being of people. In particular, one of them has achieved an increase in popularity, it is the treatment with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), which accounts for a trend, with a considerable increase in recent years worldwide, according to Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (PSR), official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and a situation shared at the country level by the Chilean Society of Plastic Surgery (SCCP).

The massiveness of procedures of this type has grown significantly, reaching a 25% increase in the United States, for example, according to the latest edition of the PSR magazine.

This inclination can be explained in part because celebrities, influencers or television faces are intervened by this type of cosmetic process and publish it massively.

However, the capacity that Internet access and/or social networks provide today to obtain immediate information can sometimes work against it and it ends up being difficult to understand the full scope of the intervention.

Platelet-rich plasma has been clearly shown to have significant healing effects, both in bone tissue and in other procedures related to the treatment of skin ulcers. Its regenerative role of the skin is fundamental, because there has been an increase in recent years as a result of the constant improvement of the technique, obtaining more effective results. However, there is no established protocol that accurately demonstrates the activation of growth factors found in platelets.

This absence of protocols makes the results highly variable and even non-existent. Therefore, the person who wants to have a treatment of this type, has to go to a specialist, either a certified plastic surgeon or a dermatologist certified in cosmetic medicine, since the way in which the plasma is activated is very important. for the effective result of using PRP.

The president of the Chilean Society of Plastic Surgeons (SCCP), Dr. Claudius Thomas, notes that «The processes that use PRP have become very popular since its benefits are cell regeneration and therefore delays the aging process of the skin. Its effect is very promising to take advantage of the body’s own natural tissue repair processes that help our patients achieve improved form and function, especially in the improvement of scars caused by acne or skin pigmentation disorders.«.

Today there are many offers regarding the use of plasma. Offers of organic silicon appear again, which is the base of silicone, and other types of procedures that are not suitable and have risks when performed. According to Dr. Thomas, again the use of this concept is being used as a trend which is more than imprecise since silicon is not an organic compound as such, but rather a mineral.

The silicone liquid they offer for mesotherapy is complex and can cause serious consequences on the patient’s skin”, adds the SCCP helmsman. This is why before any procedure, the patient must ensure that they have the service of a certified surgeon, with the proper academic training in the medical specialty of Plastic Surgery in all reconstructive and aesthetic areas. To avoid greater risks and ensure that you are in good hands.