Plans you can do alone, this is the top 13!

Sometimes friends are not there, you don’t have a partner and you feel like you’re alone in the world. Stop suffering, because there is plans you can make alone and they are super fun.

Of course, it is good to be accompanied and have a person who is by our side to live any adventure. There are some extreme sports plans near Bogotá that you could review and do to live an incredible day.

You will not need to have a lot of money because there are free places in Bogotá, with the best plans and also, some that you could have in mind for those days when you are alone but do not want to stay locked up at home.

Take note and choose the one you like best:

Plans you can make when you’re alone

1. Go to a restaurant

You have all the places in the city to choose from, you don’t have to agree with anyone, so go to that Indian food restaurant that you’ve wanted to visit so much and that your [email protected] it doesn’t attract their attention. yes you will eat [email protected]but you will realize that it is not so bad.

2. Watch what you want in cinema

You no longer have to postpone going to see that comedy of silly jokes that everyone criticizes, now you can go without anyone judging you. Do not give explanations, just go, ask for some popcorn, a dog, a large soda and cry with laughter with that nonsense.

3. Buy clothes

You can take the time in the world to window shop without worries and without anyone, once again, judging you because you go to a store for the elderly. You don’t have to explain yourself and you can take a whole day to go shopping.

4. Eat a great dessert

If you feel like a banana split, go for it, eat the dessert you want, when you want and how you want. You can become a nothing because you have no one in front to bother you.

5. Visit a bar and flirt

If you’ve always wanted to sit at a bar and get to talk to the bartender, this is your moment. Okay, you don’t have to flirt, but you can make yourself [email protected] of the bartender.

6. Go jogging

You can go out at your own pace, sweat what you want and come back when you feel like you’re going to pass out. You don’t have to worry about being accountable to anyone.

7. Go to an exhibition

If you’ve always wanted to go to a show in town, but your friends give you dirty looks, now is the time. It’s like going to the cinema to see a movie that no one wants to see. Cheer up!

8. Take selfies

You are from [email protected] who criticizes people taking selfies, but maybe you can take your cell phone and do rehearsals to see your best angle or to laugh at the ridiculous faces you can make.

9. Why not travel?

You can go sightseeing to places you would never go with [email protected] or couple. What’s more, you don’t have to agree with anyone to visit the places you want to visit.

10. Go for a walk

Go out, walk the streets, loosen up a bit and get out of the routine. Enjoy landscapes, streets and places that you usually don’t notice when you have to get somewhere.

11. Read in the park

Take a good book and sit on the grass or in a comfortable chair. It does not matter that you do not concentrate, the idea is that it is a plan for you to live the experience.

12. Drink those restorative teas

It is time to detoxify your body, to cleanse it with those natural products that seem to work.

13. Long live the masks!

Apply all those creams you’ve always wanted. It’s time, you’re [email protected] and, once again, no one is going to judge you.

Do you want to add another plan that you like to do when you are alone? Leave it through a comment and do not forget to share this note with all your friends and family on social networks.