Places to camp in Bogotá and enjoy nature

If you are looking to be surrounded by nature, we tell you the places to camp in Bogota that you will surely love.

If you like outdoor plans where nature reigns, you can take some tours in the wetlands of Bogotá. However, there is also the option of camping in the middle of beautiful landscapes for you to enjoy in the company of your family or friends.

Beautiful and cheap places to camp in Bogotá

If you want to visit open places, which are not attended by many people and which are also ideal for escaping from the city, there are some incredible options that you cannot miss. You can start with the Chingaza National Natural Park located 3 hours from Bogotá where you will also have the opportunity to see spectacled bears, white-tailed deer, coatis and more than 530 species of birds. If you want to camp in this place, you must make a reservation two weeks in advance since the maximum load capacity is 40 people per day to preserve the ecosystem. Also, if you do not want to camp there is the possibility of cabins.

Waking up, listening to a serenade of hummingbirds is possible if you camp in the Chicaque Natural Park, which is only 30 minutes from Bogotá. This reserve has several species of flora and fauna that you will surely enjoy seeing, as well as its famous 70-meter-high casada. Likewise, if you want to enjoy the ecosystem but you do not like camping, you can reserve the cabins or the nests that are located in the trees.

Just one hour from Bogotá, you can find the imposing rocks of Suesca that offer you not only rest in the middle of nature, but also you can climb, practice mountain biking or take part in speleology routes, that is to say enter and walk through caves

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