Pity Camacho would have an affair with an actress from Enfermeras

Pity Camacho who is currently participating in Master Chef Celebrityhas stood out for being one of the most chivalrous men on the show.

For that reason, every weekend his fellow contestants highlight not only his cooking skills but also his heart-stealing personality. However, in a recent interview, a renowned actress revealed that this heart already has an owner.

This actress was the one who stole Pity Camacho’s heart

This is Paula Barreto, actress of the series nurses also from Canal RCN, which in the middle of an interview with I know everything Channel 1 revealed how love arose. At first the actress was a little shy but in the end she decided to make it known that she had an affair with Pity Camacho.

Paula assured that she was going through a moment in her life where she was calm and very happy. In addition, she mentioned that they have preferred to keep their relationship away from the media. «Wanting to keep the issue low key because it’s better to keep privacy apart from all the public boom, because it’s healthier and calmer» but she concluded that she is very much in love and happy.

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