‘Pity’ Camacho was eliminated from MasterChef and his departure left great sadness

This Sunday, September 26, ‘Pity’ Camacho was eliminated from MasterChef and his departure was full of tears and good memories.

Without a doubt, one of the most endearing and charismatic participants of this season has been the renowned actor Carlos ‘Pity’ Camacho, because his good attitude towards each test, his kindness, his great sense of humor and his good vibes made him in one of the most beloved of the competitionnot only by the viewers and their own peers, but also by the chefs on the jury.

At each opportunity he gave his best to deliver incredible dishes, however at this point in the competition the details are what define the permanence or departure of each one, for which the actor unfortunately had to say goodbye to the kitchen this Sunday . But how did he come about?

‘Pity’ Camacho was eliminated from MasterChef and his departure was full of tears

After facing each other in a group challenge in which the red team (made up of Liss Pereira, Diego Camargo, Frank Martínez and Pity) was defeated by the blue team, (in which Carla Giraldo, Viña Machado, Marbelle and Gregorio Pernía were ) the comedians and the actor had to go to an elimination challenge.

This consisted of making any type of preparation in which the main ingredient was the egg, regardless of whether it was in the world of salt or sweet. Given this, Diego Camargo made some delicious floating islands, Liss Pereira some divorced eggs, Frank a fritata and Pity a Spanish omelette.

In this regard, the juries agreed that Diego and Liss’s dishes were very well executed and could be part of the menu of a high-class restaurant, while those of Frank and the actor were below what was required.

Among these last two, the one who had the fewest errors was the comedian from Antioquia, because although his preparation was simple, he had some companions, while the actor presented his dish without accompaniment. This made the jury decide to eliminate Camacho, something that several participants did not see coming.

Once the name of the eliminated was known, several participants such as Carla, Viña, Gregorio, Liss and even the host of the program, Claudia Bahamón, were completely sad and dismayed with the decision of the judges.

your farewell

After your decision Christopher Carpentier He explained why such a decision had been made and stated that his departure was «a huge shame», although he claimed to be proud of the growth he had had in the kitchen during the competition: “It shows that you are a man who, in what he embarks on, puts his soul into it. If I had to choose a word… nobility.”

By your side Jorge Rauch He affirmed that he felt pain in his little heart for the actor’s departure, since he defined him as «a cool, nice, fine guy, with a fantastic humor, that everyone adores.»

His friend Diego Camargo also dedicated a few words to him in which he stated that ‘Pity’ was the man who always brought joy to group outings, that little boy who never stopped being.”

Chef Nicolás de Zubiría said he felt pain for the actor’s departure and expressed that «he was a man whose heart did not fit in his chest», because he was «a cool guy and they never saw him with bad energy or problems with his colleagues, being the leader of ‘the good note’”.

In this regard, Liss expressed that he was the mediator while Frank compared him to ‘the blue helmets of the UN’, because although he did not belong to any group, he was constantly ensuring that there was no conflict.

Through tears, her great friend Claudia Bahamón said: “I have met many people, many who have passed through this kitchen, I have a very special appreciation for each of them, but it is appreciated to have good human beings like you. Thanks. I love you very much.»

After dedicating a few words to his colleagues, the last to say goodbye was Gregorio Pernía, who visibly affected came down from the balcony to give his soul friend a big hug.

Here’s your way out.