Pipe Bueno warned Jessi about Paola Jara’s sweat

Pipe Bueno warned Jessi Uribe after ticketing him with some photos on social networks with another woman. What will Paola Jara say about the joke?

We never imagined that a simple sweat would transcend to become not only news, but a whole series of them, things that only happen in Colombia!

It all started with how the popular music singer Paola Jara complained about the negative comments on social networks about the «sweat» that she had prepared for her sentimental partner, Jessi Uribe.

Then Jessi himself came out to defend the blissful sweat on his social networks. And to make matters worse, Paola did not leave the subject there, but she went back to preparing sweat and in the networks… Guess what happened?

Pipe Bueno warned Jessi on Instagram about Paola sweating

Now added to this sweaty soap opera is a publication by Pipe Bueno on her Instagram account in which she shares three photos of Jessi, with the following text…

“Daddy, with these photos, you will never see Paola Jara’s chicken broth again! IT SHOWS YOU that you were like a craving!! We are at war @ jessiuribe3 !!”

Pipe wrote

These are the images:

And it is that this was Pipe’s revenge for a photo that Jessi shared hours before, in which she also appeared with another woman…

“Sorry @luisafernandaw
It was unintentionally wanting
YOU NOTICE @pipebueno”

Jessi wrote next to the following image…

Where do you think all this is going? Some users of social networks suspect a new collaboration between the artists. Obviously the girls are models and there was no malice there.

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