Pipe Bueno threw the dogs at Juanse Quintero and in the middle of the street

Really Pipe Bueno threw the dogs at Juanse Quintero? The awkward but funny moment was recorded in a video.

Sometimes, even if they don’t seem so close, there is a camaraderie among celebrities that is revealed in everyday situations, such as when they meet on the street. That was precisely what was captured in a funny video recorded by Pipe Bueno, who recently released his first song with Luisa Fernanda W.

This is how Pipe Bueno threw the dogs at Juanse Quintero

The video to which we refer was published by the popular music singer in his Instagram stories; in it you can see Pipe recording inside a car and then pointing his cell phone towards the platform, where you can see the actor, who is talking to a stranger.

At some point the car starts and that’s when the singer leans out the window and begins to utter compliments at the top of his voice. At first, Juan Sebastián looks askance, confused, until he recognizes Pipe.

«Hello, handsome, handsome, look how handsome you are, you bastard, don’t suck!»

Pipe catches Juanse.

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