Pipe Bueno drastically changed his look… Do you recognize him?

popular music singer Pipe Bueno drastically changed her look and now she looks very different. You recognize it?

In recent days he and his partner, the youtuber Luisa Fernanda W, revealed after much speculation that they would be the parents of a child.

Pipe Bueno drastically changed his look… Do you recognize him?

Since the announcement of her pregnancy, the interpreter of cupid failed and his girlfriend, Luisa Fernanda W do not stop being a trend in social networks. This time due to the drastic change of look that the singer had.

Well, it seems that his youthful image has been disappearing and instead some gray hairs have been seen in several of his photos on Instagram, which is why he decided to paint his hair in its entirety.

Through a video that he shared through his official Instagram account, he showed the entire process and he explained that when he was very young he had dyed his hair to look like Eminem.

The post was accompanied by the following message:


I have learned to have fun with myself and to be in constant evolution, that it is lazy to be a photo all my life, the same hairstyle and cut since I was little.”

Pipe Well on Instagram.

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This was the final result:

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