Pipe Bueno celebrated her mother’s birthday without Luisa Fernanda W

pipe good He drew attention on social networks for celebrating his mother’s birthday, but the party was not attended by Luisa Fernanda W..

Without a doubt, one of the couples that most attracts the attention of several people is Pipe Bueno and Luisa Fernanda W for everything they do on a daily basis. However, this time, due to a situation, rumors increased that something was wrong between the couple.

Are Pipe Bueno and Luisa Fernanda W no longer together? That’s what his followers say

It turns out that these days, the popular music singer who is now also dedicated to acting, decided to celebrate his mother’s birthday in style. There he took the opportunity to dedicate a beautiful message that his followers loved, where he assured “Today is my mother’s birthday… One of the people I love the most on the planet and to whom I owe my life. We celebrate it in a different way but most importantly with love. I love you and I will always love you. Thank you for so much my mother”.

However, there was a detail that caught the attention of more than one and it was the fact that Luisa Fernanda was not at the celebration, but her little son Maximo was. Immediately, the rumors that they are going through a difficult situation gained strength and that is why many dared to assure that perhaps they were not at their best.

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