Pipe Bueno and Luisa F. W talk about hacking their Rancho MX account

Through a video on their networks, Pipe Bueno and Luisa Fernanda W talk about the hacking of their Rancho MX accountthat of his restaurant.

Beginning in 2022, the renowned influencer and popular music singer announced through their networks that they were going through a delicate situation related to one of their ventures, since the Instagram account of their Rancho MX restaurant had been hacked by criminals .

In short stories, the paisa explained that they could not access their company account and that they were sending messages to different users from it, so they asked everyone to be very careful.

Our Rancho MX account was hacked, but hey, those aren’t penalties. We are looking for solutions. The really important thing is that you can go to the restaurant and enjoy the entire experience of Rancho Mx, going with family and eating delicious.”

Pipe Bueno and Luisa F. W talk about hacking their Rancho MX account

Although at the time he said that they were looking for solutions to the issue, since then no more details of what happened were known until a few hours ago, where through their personal accounts, both the content creator and the artist decided to explain in detail everything that happened.

In the 5-minute video, both stated that despite their attempts to recover their account and the constant warning they received from their followers, everything was in vain, since it was not possible to regain control. They reported that they were also warned of a story in which it was shown that the criminals were selling it for a sum of nothing more and nothing less than 2 thousand dollars, an option that although it was hanging around their heads, they never wanted to take.

“We said, if we pay we will end up rewarding these people and we decided not to. We do not support this type of action, that is like giving more force to these people to commit this type of thing, and that here in this house never happens. We said, what we can do is, if we don’t get it back, then we create one from scratch, and that’s what we’re doing.»

There, both thanked their thousands of followers for their constant support and for having massively reported the account, as this helped the criminals to also lose it and «they were looking at a spark.»

Here are their statements:

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