Pipe Bueno and Diana Hoyos sing the main theme of the telenovela ‘Te la dedicao’

Very soon the RCN channel will premiere the telenovela ‘I dedicate’ and will be starring Pipe Bueno and Diana Hoyos, in which they will also be singing together.

Recently Pipe and Diana they were sharing with the viewers of the program ‘Good morning Colombia’ what has been this experience to work together.

He’s flying, he’s doing some very nice scenes, the truth is, they’re going to be surprised. We have made a very cool patch…

Diana Hoyos on Pipe’s work as an actor.

In addition to the story in which the two of them are protagonists, Recently, the main theme of the telenovela was released, a song that is performed by this pair of artists.

…she is complete, apart from being an actress, for me it was very important that the character who was with me sing, and well, Diana is an excellent singer…

Pipe Bueno about Diana Hoyos and her ability to sing in an interview for La W.

‘Sorry if I failed you’ the new song by Pipe Bueno and Diana Hoyos

Many have applauded Pipe Bueno for her acting ability, and Although the telenovela has not yet aired, the clips that the artist shares on social networks are quickly filled with praise.

Could it be that with ‘I dedicate’ Canal RCN takes first place from the productions of Canal Caracol? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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